medizinwelten-servicesWho we are, what we do.

Our approach

medizinwelten-services offers medical content and media of highest quality. As medical doctors we stand for medical reliability and correctness of our work.

We know the needs of the players in the health care system and can offer them the right communication strategy for their target groups. Combined with our experience in text and media production we are able to offer tailored concepts for medical knowledge transfer to our customers.

Cross-media and cross-platform Communication

Consistent messages via different media channels, uncomplicated extension and adaptation of medical content, cost efficient communication – to our customers we offer media which can be implemented in various platforms and systems. With the help of our longstanding experience as Medical Writing and Multimedia Experts our customers are able to present their medical content in various channels and at various places (POI).

Creative and professional Implementation

We carefully consider and research the medical literature as well as the material provided and develop solutions for text and communication which is tailored for your target group and your target medium. Images, animations, videos and interactive media – we have a sure hand for a correct application in the specific media.

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